April 15- Annual Forage Growing Season 3 Acreage Reporting

Upcoming Deadlines​

April 29- 2020 Spring Crop Production Reporting

While everyone can agree that 2020 has been one for “the record books”, Myers Crop Insurance is no exception. 2020 brought a lot of changes to our office. We managed to stay operational during the COVID-19 chronicles, hired a third agent, moved locations, added a set of twins to the mix, and of course, dealt with insurance claims of epic proportion. With three full-time agents, we hope to add more value to the service we offer, including a quarterly newsletter, an updated webpage, a larger presence on social media, and more reminders.

New Changes to Myers Crop

July 15th- Annual Forage Growing Season 4 Acreage Reporting

​July 15th- Annual Forage Sales Closing

July 15th- Spring Crops Acreage Reporting